Cooperate, Manage, Distribute

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Extending, Reaching, Coordinating



Strategic Highway Supply Network LLC (STRAHNET™) was developed to identify improve manufacture and distribute highway, roadway, parking lots and street level products for private sector and Government highways and roadways. Simply any roadway surface or buried product that provides access to directional information continuity, security and convenience of roadway travel, lighting and sign support capabilities for movement and safety of people and goods and equipment along public transportation routes and interstate highways. Rest areas, public shopping malls, gas stations, anywhere you travel STRAHNET™ products will be present.

STRAHNET™ products will be defined by proprietary levels 1, 2, and 3. Level one, our own proprietary products manufactured and distributed by us. Level 2, existing products our proprietary designs manufactured by our strategic partner for our government, Institutional or private sector customers. Level 3 will be collateral support products constructed by our network of nation wide suppliers to augment the range of our proprietary products. We will provide direct access to these products to our customers as an on-going service and cost of sale and convenience provision.

STRAHNET™ will develop an interactive map of our marketplace covering the national
highway system associated with product categories levels 1, 2 and 3 with online
purchasing and RFQ with engineered certified quality.


The interstate highway system links all major U.S. cities through a system of ‘control cities’ where an attempt has been made to streamline access on to and away from the highway system. Wi-Fi access along the Interstate highway system is growing at ever increasing rates distributed by Department of Transportation authorities and private networks. Hotspots in rest areas, hotel chains situated along highway routes, airports, and a growing number of cities offering free wireless services are providing internet access along thousands of interstate highway miles. Wi-fi mesh networks are being designed and built to accommodate uninterrupted data connections to motorists traveling at speeds in excess of 180 km/h.

Wi-Fi enabled cars will allow drivers and passengers to check their email and make restaurant reservations, but also avoid traffic jams and the scenes of traffic accidents. Vast accident avoidance systems are currently being devised that will take advantage of ‘smart cars’ ability to respond to commands such as emergency breaking that will automatically stop cars before collision via a wi-fi signal. Coupled with GPS, motorists can access highly customized information services based on location, destination, and specific user preferences. The future of specialized Internet access and the use of mobile computing devices are inextricably linked.

Pole Series LLC™ was created to manage, develop and sell advertising campaigns and services to augment online promotions to the steel utility pole industry the market and services it provides to utilize existing location and product services for retrofit or OEM applications services and provide
some necessary management and cross marketing services to the STRAHNET™ group of companies.

Steel poles have become increasingly more popular in utility markets for a variety of reasons.  Many industry participants agree that fewer steel poles are required per kilometre than are wood poles.  Further, the life cycle of steel poles is estimated at three times that of wood poles. Despite the utility pole market historically being almost exclusively a wood pole market, in recent years there has been emergence of alternate materials, particularly steel.