¬† ¬† ¬†STRAHNET‚ĄĘ will establish an installation guide utilizing 50 years pole manufacturing experience and 40 years electrical contracting experience. The codes and procedures are not intended as a design specification or instruction manual for untrained persons. In order to arrive at a uniform interpretation of the rules and codes the company will work closely situation by situation with the experts to assist with installations procedures on a nationwide company collaborative forum that offer the advantage of instant information exchange that is not possible in a real-life community.

     The object of applied installation rules and codes is to establish safety standards for each one of our installations and sites. The company never takes on the direct installation responsibility but will ensure the electrical contractor of choice is certified to the highest standards to ensure proper installation and maintenance and will work in an advisory capacity with the customer and directly with the electrical contractor hired through our network or the customers preference.

     The requirement to adhere to all applicable codes is the fundamental principal for the protection and safety of anyone involved in our products from the installation to the end user consumer inter-action. This means that under certain conditions, carefully controlled installation procedures published and maintained by the company at standards higher than deemed necessary will be automatically applied to installation protocols.

     Commercial installations are difficult to set out in pre-determined detail as every site has a different installation scenario, all new work must comply with current Code. When the installation requires alterations or upgrades to an existing electrical panel and its supply to carry an additional load. Consultation and permitting with local inspection authorities is mandatory. The cost of such permit is budgeted in each project and not intended to be an additional tax but moreover a fee to offset inspection costs of the Authority for the particular region.

     It should be noted the electrical contractor is regarded as the expert in his field and he is one of the most important experts on the job site, therefore if he observes any dangerous condition existing, even if not connected to our projects, he could be held responsible to draw the owner/customers attention to that or any particular danger. This in no way implies he is obligated or required to upgrade the installation against the owners wishes or requirements without permission, but merely advise of any possible dangerous situations.

     Certification markings are important for the public safety. Each electrical device must bear these markings to show it has been properly tested and certified for use in the country of installation and may require municipal, state or federal approval ratings.

     The company management has over 40 years electrical contacting and pole installation experience. We will work directly with each project as support or direct contact with local experts and firms to ensure an seamless installation experience. We are here to satisfy your needs and requirements

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